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About Wireless Charger
- Aug 28, 2018 -

About Wireless Charger

Wireless charger means charging without cables. It is as same as Wifi. Theoretically, it can supply power to mobile phones and other electronic devices anytime and anywhere conveniently.

But wireless charging can not transmit as far as WiFi for the time being. Now the mature scheme can only realize wireless charging within 10 mm distance. Generally speaking, the distance between 3 and 5 mm is better. This kind of wireless charging technology uses magnetic induction wireless charging technology.

With the maturity of technology, it is expected that the charging distance of wireless charger will reach about 10-30 cm in the next 2-3 years, which can basically meet the demand of free and unlimited charging anytime, anywhere.


To realize the wireless charging, we need the Transmitting and receiving parts.

The transmitter is the wireless charger, and the receiver is the mobile phone. There is a coil at the transmitter side, and the receiver also needs a coil. The transmitter transmits energy through the control panel and the coil, and the receiver receives energy through the control panel and the coil, so that realizing wireless charging.


Why do we choose wireless charging pad ?

There are big advantages if we choose wireless charger to cable charging.

A. Looks simple, beautiful and comfortable, high quality of life, no wire bended ;

B. you don't need to plug in frequently, that is to say, it is convenient and fast, so that your cell phone will never be short of electricity.

C. Don't worry about the incompatibility of the connectors between Samsung and Apple. Wireless chargers support Qi and other standards can be charged.

D. There is no risk of electric shock in charged answering telephone, which completely avoids safety problems and can answer the phone at any time.

E. It is good for the life time of battery. It will be the longer life time.

G. Many products can be made by waterproof and the USB C cable and Micro USB cable is not essential.